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ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Review

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

One of most popular and affordable brands out there in the market for Cloth Diapering. I've used them with my first child and will start doing it again with my second one. Let me share with you why I think ALVABABY Cloth Diapers brand is currently one of my favorites.

There are a lot of options available to parents who are looking to follow this eco-friendly path. Since cloth diapers are the same and easy to use as disposable ones many people have shifted towards cloth diapers, me, faithfully being one of them.

Cloth diapers are recyclable, green and budget-friendly, particularly when used with multiple children. In light of these advantages, many parents are choosing to go with cloth diapers instead as an alternative as disposable diapers.

Are you in search of cloth diapers with adorable designs and colors that don't cost you an arm and a leg? Then Alva Baby might be the option for you! Alva Baby offers a variety of cloth diapers as well as diaper accessories for a reasonable price.

ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Overview Cloth Diaper

Alva pocket diaper is fitted with a soft microfiber layer. It comes with rising snaps at the waist, as well as crossover snaps for babies. It's a slim diaper, even though it is a one-size diaper from birth until the potty. The waterproof outer layer is made up of PUL, which is common in modern diapers. PolyurethaneLaminate Fabric” or PUL is a soft, flexible, hardwearing and waterproof fabric. PUL is a laminate fabric comprised of 2 layers: a polyester fabric (typically 1mm thick) with a very thin layer of polyurethane film bonded to the reverse.

The cloth diapering of new-borns can be a challenge, particularly for parents who are new to the process. ALVABABY Pocket diapers make it convenient to easily adjust the size. Note: If your baby is really small at birth however, you might choose to utilize small prefolds at first, in my opinion, these fit the best when baby is still very small, besides, I'd like to protect their belly button as it heals after birth, with no pressure added while it heals.

Alongside the elastic and snaps that can be adjusted, you can also add additional layers if you need the diaper to absorb more efficiently.

For every diaper, we have to include the hip snap. At first, I was a bit intimidated by snaps, but they're easy to use and offer plenty of customization. I prefer snaps rather than velcro as they last way longer wash after wash.

Elasticity and longevity

The leg elastics on my Alva diapers are in great condition, and I don't anticipate to replace them any time soon in the near future. This is quite surprising considering certain leg elastics from other well-known brands of diapers in our stash haven't been as good as Alva's. Similar to the PUL, it does not suffer from leaks or delamination even after more than 18 months of usage which is quite a long period for a regular diaper.

One component of the diaper which hasn't held up in time has been the elastic that runs along the rear to the opening for pockets. But that doesn’t affect the quality of the product it offers. I can tell you comparing it to Mama Kohala brand that I also tried, most of by ALVABABY diapers where the ones that held up the most in 18 months, and this is the main reason I recommend them.

Fantastic design and holds Poop Effectively

There are numerous cute prints on the Alva's! If you browse the website, there are many distinct "series" that you are able to purchase. I am a fan of almost every single one of them.

The lining on the cover of the pocket is made from either fleece or suede cloth. However, in truth, I've used both and haven't noticed any distinction. Alva's diapers appear to be cut a bit shorter and also have more "stretch" than PUL diapers.

Alvababy does fantastically when it is asked to hold the poop. No matter if its in daylight or overnight, your baby would be sleeping peacefully.

Pocket Friendly

Every single one of the Alvababy diapers are perfect for pocket sizes. Which means if you are on the move and have to carry around your baby, you don’t have to worry about bringing an extra pair of storage just to put the diapers in.

Alva comes with three inserts to choose from including bamboo blend and microfiber. We have bamboo (and will be trying out charcoal soon), and that's the only one I've used and it works great, but I am sure the other layers would work as great as bamboo too.

Fabrics and inserts

They're very absorbent, and I love bamboo inserts. As long as we don't keep the diaper on over the course of time, this combo does not leak and I'm comfortable to use it.

The inserts are extremely soft, but they aren't a diaper-safe softener during the wash, they may be a bit rougher. Overall, I like the inserts and am happy with the amount of absorbency.

Quality and durability

Apart from absorbency and keeping the poop from getting out. This is where it gets tough when it comes to diapers. Let me be honest the diapers performed admirably during my daughters 2 years of wearing them. They were washed three times a week and dried with a dryer, and did very well.

The inserts are stained only lightly, but there is no staining on the pockets themselves. Snaps and laminates are in excellent condition. I haven't had any delamination, even though drying on the "high" level.

You can look at my 7 Steps Washing Routine to get an idea of what I specifically do to maintain them.

Pros and Cons

  • A lot of personalization as baby grows.

  • Comes with two to three bamboo, blend and microfiber inserts.

  • An enormous selection of classic and trendy prints and colors.

  • Elastics have lasted longer than other brands I've used.

  • Pocket friendly, you can use any inserts you'd like to try out.

  • Microfiber can be prone to getting the smellies

  • Price is reasonable, however I think it has increased over the past few years, thinking maybe due to inflation or the popularity people becoming more eco friendly.

  • If your baby is on the smaller size, especially during the new born face, these will measure a little big for them. I don't think these are slim fit as other brands.

The Final Score

I'd give these diapers 10/10. I love our Alvababy diapers. We've tried a number of diapers throughout the years for our daughter and I am able to say that I prefer the best.

Cheaper as compared to other brands, pocket or AIOs (all in one), these are one of the most affordable cloth diaper covers available for infants whose parents want to save on money. Covers for diapers are an effective way to save space, as a child is likely to wear them more than three times prior to when they require washing.

My experience with them is that they're high-quality, they fit nicely as baby grows and they don't leak if you fit them well. They can withstand our occasional poop blowouts and look adorable! The majority of our stock is Alvababy diapers as of now, we might be trying some new brands later on when our new born comes. We are always up to trying and testing other good quality diapers that will make our life easier and affordable.

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