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Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub Review

Are you in search of the perfect baby bath that will protect your infant and keep the baby from sliding from your grasp as you give them bath? If you've experienced in giving bath to your baby by yourself, you realize the importance of having a great bath for your baby.

Your child is likely to be nervous and your heart may be a little twitchy every time your little one's face gets close to the surface of the water. This is why a durable and safe baby bathtub is a crucial purchase for any parent.

We've tried for a long time to keep our baby's heads out of the water during bath time and for that there is an easier and better way to do so.

Boon Naked Baby Bathtub Overview

Boon Naked Bathtub will grow up alongside with your baby from infant to toddler. The design that can be collapsed lets you bathe your baby in the reclined position, or allows your toddler’s desire to sit and play. Once bath time is finished you can dismantle the tub and then put it away flat, or hang it to dry. This is why this is one of my favorite baby products currently out there, I love nothing more than space saver items.

The asymmetrical form of the basin is able to accommodate infants from birth to 18 months. A gentle slope on one side can provide adequate support for infants, while the opposite part is higher and offers the most gentle and comfortable support to babies with greater head control.

The Boon Naked Collapsible Babies Bathtub can be folded flat to make it approximately the same width as a rack for towels and has hooks that allow hanging it on your shower rod. With two different support positions to allow for children from birth to toddlerhood, it's ideal for families that have limited space.

Changes Colors based on Temperature

There's also an amazing safety feature in this bathtub: it has a tiny drain plug that act as the temperature gauge. It alters color if the water gets too hot! This baby bathtub is the best in terms of safety, and it is incredibly practical! Have your child have fun during bath time with this amazing baby bathtub!

Small, Non-Slip, Secure and Compact

We love the fact that legs snap into place and fold up by pressing a button, making an accidental closure virtually impossible. The first thing to note is that it's collapsible! This bathtub is extremely simple to store since it can be folded into smaller size. This bathtub has an adjustable support brace that rotates for fast and secure positioning, and a sturdy base, which is slip resistant.

While folding your baby’s legs making sure the piece is secured to protect your baby! It's a little difficult to secure it in place, but it's important for the safety of your baby.

Multi-Stage and comfortable tub

A raised crotch located in the middle of the tub gives extra stability for infants of all different ages. The sidewalls are made of a soft rubbery substance, and we like the extra comfort and grip. A drain hole at the bottom of the basin permits you to drain the rest of the water easily.

Boon Naked Bathtub is a multi-function tub that folds down into a compact storage unit. This design is ideal for people who live in a cramped space or those who travel or move a lot and need to carry their baby tub along.

The Collapsible Design is Foldable

The one-piece design has now been upgraded to include an integrated bump on one side, creating a comfortable recline, which is ideal for baby baths. Babies and toddlers are given plenty of space to splash around in the water while sitting on the opposite, larger part of the bathtub.

Once bath time is finished the tub has easy-to-click buttons which enables them for folding down. Also, this unique fold-away design as well as the hook that swivels are ideal to storing and letting it dry.

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal from birth up to 18 months.

  • Compact and foldable

  • Long-term usage

  • Brace for support that rotates

  • Safety temperature indicator


  • Expensive

  • No padding at the bottom

The Final Score

We gave this product an 8/10. We are awestruck by the Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub. However, we think there is room for several enhancements. Many parents complain about the lack of gripping material on the floor of the bathtub. This makes it more of a breeze for their baby to move around during bath time.

But Its Elegant, stylish and designed to aid your baby's growth in many ways Boon Naked Baby Bathtub is a bathing experience unlike any other.

It's also among the priciest tubs and we doubt that most parents would think it's worth the price. If within your budget it is worth the price. Boon Naked Bathtub is a high-quality tub that we suggest for smaller areas and families who travel a lot.

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