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Traveling with Toddlers: 10 Easy Tips

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Great things to know before flying with a toddler, from best essential toys for traveling with toddlers, snacks, car seat and more.

Traveling with toddlers

Are you unsure of what to pack in your carry-on bag when traveling with children? No matter if you're taking a lengthy flight, or even a shorter flight making a plan ahead and knowing what you should pack in your carry-on bags can make the trip go convenient and make everyone pleased.

When it comes to travel with your toddlers, it is important to have a list of the essentials before you start your journey. As well keeping a few suggestions in mind will help you to travel in peace instead of getting stressed out in between your journey.

When packing every little thing begins to seem important, and in no time, you've got a huge list of things you need to take along with you when you travel with your baby on a car or an airplane. Worry not because we have made a complete list of things you might just need before you set off to your destination.

1. A Smart Tablet or Kindle

If you are like most parents and have seen the effects of putting your toddler to watch a movie, then you know this is a must!

I personally bought a Kindle Fire 7 for kids for my toddler, although is not as super fancy as an apple product, for example, I love it because it was cheap, durable and it will absolutely do the job.

The style of the Amazon Fire 7 for Kids is ideal for small hands. The thick red foam case makes it simple to hold and grip. It's also light and weighs less than one pound. Another unique aspect of the case is the built-in handle and the kickstand. Children can set the tablet up on any surface to enjoy free-of-hands watching, and then fold the kickstand into a hand for quick access and use.

The strong case around kindle also provides massive protection from accidental drops and any bumps, especially when traveling. With parental control options, parents have a great peace of mind, they can control how much their kid can use the kindle by set the screen time limit, they can also set goals for their kids and even manage the content their child can access through the kindle.

It has different variants in storage, depending on your needs you can either choose 16GB or 32GB storage TAB, which would be more than enough for your kids to download and play their favourite games or shows at home or even while traveling!

Traveling with toddlers

2. Headphones

After getting your kids a kindle to play and learn with, a headphone set would be a perfect addition to the collection. If you are planning to purchase headphones with wires instead of Bluetooth, be sure that the headphones work with the connector on your kindle, iPad or laptop.

We personally go the iRAG J01 Kids Headphones Foldable Stereo Tangle-Free because the are super affordable and quality has tasted us quite a while.These headphones are specially designed for kids ages from 3 to 16, and comes with soft cushions that also have the semi-gloss look to ensure a snug fitting.

The headband on the iRAG J01 can be adjusted and flexed to fit a wide range of head sizes. The headphones are also foldable inwards, making them small and compact for storage, which makes them perfect buddies for traveling. The cord is a five-foot long, durable nylon cable that resists getting tangled around.

Unfortunately, these headphones don’t provide in built mic to use, but kids can still speak into the kindle or tablet they are using and it would record their audio. The 3.5mm audio jack on headphone is compatible with devices such as smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, Kindle and all Amazon Fire.

Traveling with toddlers

3. Coloring or Activity Book

This it the activity book that I highly recommend since has worked for me, but feel free to take any coloring or activity books you know your little one loves. I usually will give her any screen free toys/activities first and foremost. Free bear Busy Board comes with various activities that a kid could enjoy. Some activity boards are used as stationery and others are compact enough and lightweight to be carried to travel with.

Free Bear Busy Board comes with many different educational things for your little one to work with including Alphabet, number, puzzle, colors, shapes, buckles, zip and white board.

A great method of passing the time during a flight is coloring books and activity books. I've also discovered that triangular crayons are ideal on planes because they aren't likely to fall over the counter.

Educational Montessori toy allows the kid to learn many basic skills needed in life such as to tie shoelaces, how to zip, how to buckle up in many ways and so on. The activities within these motor skill offer sensory experiences that help develop important abilities. For toddlers, the Free bear Busy Board travel toy is a useful and imaginative present.

Traveling with toddlers

4. First Aid Kit

When you travel with your toddlers, you'll have to leave your home, so take some steps to ensure that your place outside home is also as secure as possible. Toddlers can be very unpredictable even if you have your eyes on them 24/7.

Bring creams, lotions as well as pain relievers, and small ointments if your baby gets hurt in the course of the trip. Being a little over-prepared does not harm. Additionally, you should carry general-purpose medications for your infant or toddler in case is needed while traveling.

Traveling with toddlers

5. Traveling with Toddlers: Backpack with Snacks and Drinks

Snack are a must! We parents know how can it get when it comes to kids wanting to eat occasionally and it can become headache specially travelling, so them having their own bag filled with their favorite snacks and drinks can give you and them peace of mind. They will definitely know what to look forward to.

If you have an active toddler that loves taking their bags and carrying them around, then provide them with a small back pack that they can put away after they've had the food or completed the book of stickers.

My toddler typically carries snacks packed into her bags for carry-on, but I also have some extras in case I need that "surprise" factor. If your flight is long or you're having an extended layover, snacks are always welcome!

If you take a backpack, you'll have hands free for boarding your flight, and you'll have an extra hand in case you're required to carry your luggage. Backpacks for toddlers are great because it folds into smaller size under plane seat.

There is a variety of toddler back packs on like, so pick what ever fits your needs. We use the Toddler Harness Backpack with Leash, since it is the perfect size for our little one, not too small or big for her little body.

Traveling with toddlers

6. Small Blanket and Pillow Set

You definitely want to bring something with you that will make your little one comfy in case they want to nap. Especially if it is a long flight or ride trip. "Tux" The Penguin Blanket and Pillow Set transforms an armrest into a comfortable pillow for children. The cute penguin can also serve as a blanket to help keep kids warm.

A soft, well-padded and comfortable design that can be tucked into any armrest and functions as a cushion or a comfortable leaning surface. It also deters children from placing their faces on armrests that are dirty, thus improving overall cleanliness.

It also comes with a large 85cm x 60cm children's travel blanket. Made of soft, plush fabric, it keeps them warm when traveling for a short or long distance When not in use, the kid's blanket can be stored in its soft toy.

Traveling with toddlers

7. Sensory Toys

You might be snoozing on your commute but your little one is likely to get bored quickly! Bring along his favorite soft toys or rattles to keep him interested and busy.

Sensory toys are specially great for children that get overwhelmed easily out of home. My Toddler being one of them. This Silicone Pull String Activity Toy allows them to be easy to take with you and keep their little hands busy.

The multi-sensory activity toy is made with food grade silicone and ABS, which is 100% safe material, Non-toxic and BPA and phthalate free as well as very easy to clean if needed.

Traveling with toddlers

8. Small Collapsible Umbrella Stroller

We personally opted for this stroller because of the lower range price and fact that it also has a basket underneath, great for traveling.

The stroller is light and easy to manoeuvre with one hand and is easy to fold into a smaller size. It locks automatically into its folded position and can be folded by using only one hand.

The stroller comes with a variety of premium features that are beneficial for both you and your children. It has a sleek black frame that is easily folded into a storage bag and two cup holders at the back.

The slim and stylish frame is easily folded into a compact-size stroller, making it ideal for moms traveling with their children.

Traveling with toddlers

9. Toilet Covers for Toddlers

Using restroom in a public place is always a hassle, especially when many people uses it and who knows how many harmful bacteria the toilet seat could hold. Not to mention that toddlers like to touch EVERYTHING! It’s always best to carry your own toilet seat covers when traveling.

These Disposable Toilet Seat Covers are equipped with two strips of adhesive that stop them from sliding. When you are using an open restroom, the Extra-Large Toilet Seat Covers for Children cover the sides as well as the entrance of your toilet to ensure that they are dry.

These are Ideal for toddlers who are always on the move with you, these toilet Seat Covers for kids can be utilized at home, in the park, or even at camping to ensure that your toddler's hands, feet, and legs stay clean and don't get into the toilet.

Traveling with toddlers

10. Sanitizing Travel Wipes and Tissues

Running to a sink each time during an airplane or car ride, is just not feasible. Make sure you carry some sanitizing travel wipes with you! Use an a sanitizing wipe to swiftly wash your hands as well as the baby's before and after you have taken care of him. Wipes tissues help with any accidental spills or cleaning hands before eating and after.

The Travel Sanitizing Wipes I carried were a bit bulky around, but they were very useful all around. Make use of these wipes to clean armrests and windows, tray tables, and even seats. Anything that kids come into contact with, you can wipe down first to ensure your toddle stays away from harmful bacteria laying around on the surfaces.

Traveling with toddlers

Final Words:

It's an exciting experience for a toddler and they should be able to live the experience! If you keep a few points in mind and make sure that you are providing the safety and cleanliness of your toddler throughout the trip both you and your child can enjoy a memorable trip and create memories that you will be able to look back on.

All of these items I've used with my toddler when traveling either by ground or airplane. I really liked them and helped me keep my toddler calm and entertained.


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